We're a design and

development agency.

we do web & mobile application development

we are a team of 9 people in bangalore

Thought of an idea and want to do quick prototype

we would like to work with you as your technology partner. we will help you build the brand, assist you on your innovation, help you create a usable design to assist on delivering a minimum viable product, which can further scale to suit your needs. both usability and architecture designs are our strength and we would put it into use, choosing right technology to help you visualize your idea.


Refactor/migrate an existing project, worried about how?

With our experience in the industry and capability to migrate from an existing technology to a new one, we will work with you to put aside the nightmare of migration and porting. starting with strategic planning session, we will help you mitigate the risk of porting and help you design a usable application with help from our top notch usability experts. our architects and multidisciplinary team would migrate the existing application with minimum down time and no loss of data

systems dont speak to each other??? No Worries, we will fix it!!!

decades of experience in business and technology helps us in understanding your business better. we would do an audit of your business and will come up with solutions/plugins to wire your existing systems to maximize business throughput.

this is just the beginning, see more of